Faction Prodigy 2X

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Faction Prodigy 2X Ski Test
Faction Prodigy 2X ski


159, 165, 171


127-98-119 @ 165


14m @ 165

Best for:

Advanced skiers and up who like skiing fast and being playful on all types of terrain, in all kinds of conditions.

Compare with:

Elan Ripstick 94W, Rossignol Rallybird 92, Fischer Ranger 96

 “Easy and intuitive” summed up the feedback from testers. “It’s the type of ski that feels like you’ve been skiing on it for years,” wrote Alexis Borden-Sayah. “It makes skiing easier.” Another tester said the Prodigy seemed to be on autopilot, doing exactly what was needed, as long as she didn’t try too hard. It’s a lightweight ski with a soft poplar wood core, full sidewalls and an anti-chip topsheet that should extend the beauty of the Prodigy’s lively graphics. The twintip also has plenty of tip and tail rocker. The playful ski was easy to butter  and skid, perfect for sluffing speed in the steeps and riding backwards. “Light enough to throw around quickly in the trees,” reported Sam Pickarski. But while a lot of light skis get fluttery at speed, Borden-Sayah never found the Prodigy’s limit. “I skied it as hard as I could and it damn well performed.” 

Ryan Stuart
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