Nerd Alert: Tech Will Make You Better

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    These three products tap technology in the quest for safer, more efficient and technically superior skiing.

Snowcookie: Put one of the Oreo-sized sensors on each ski and another in a harness on your chest and start skiing. To help dial in better technique, the sensors send information back to an artificial intelligence-powered iPhone app that tracks a bunch of variables, including body position, carving, g-forces, speed and even air time. What it can’t do is help you pick up ladies at après. $490;


Flaxta Aware Impact: When does a knock to the head turn into a concussion? It’s a line Flaxta wants to define for skiers. Its sensor slips inside a helmet where it measures impacts. An accompanying app will analyze the severity of crashes on a scale of one to three to help skiers know when it’s time to seek medical help.

Animated iPhone 8 Mockup by Anthony Boyd Graphics

POC Obex Spin BC: Like a medical alert bracelet, the NFC chip inside this helmet stores all your health and contact info. Ski patrols with corresponding equipment can scan the chip to instantly know things like allergies and blood type, saving first responders precious time if you’re not able to communicate. $290;


from Buyer’s Guide 2020 issue

Ryan Stuart
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