Beyond the Ropes

Last winter’s tragedy at Golden, where a Quebec couple disappeared off-piste at Kicking Horse, will have a lasting impact on search-and-rescue operations Whether it’s the macabre or the simplicity of a mystery, the idea of a missing person can grab big headlines in the media. It’s the stuff of TV shows, movies, books, folklore—and magazines. … More »

Power Lifting

Marmot skiier, photo by Frederic Legault

In an industry that’s always working on its quads, Marmot Basin’s newest chair will noticeably change the face of the Jasper ski area Jasper old-timers may still be recalling fondly that November 2009 as he snowiest in at least 30,maybe 40 years. But everyone agrees it was simply the icing on powdery cake with the … More »

The Bumpf on Banff

The first thing savvy skiers do when they hit town is find a local—fast. Sure the Internet is great for research, as are blogs and live snow cams, but there’s nothing like a local recommendation to set you on the right path, whether it’s the best restaurant, the secret stash on the backside, or the … More »

Kimberley’s Charms

It had been more than a decade since I’d last cruised around Kimberley and been charmed by the oddball characters hanging out in the infamous off-the-trail-map “sun pit,” but all the legendary Kootenay skiing first appeared to require backcountry touring gear and skins. Now, lured by the quiet murmurings of friends from Canmore, Banff and … More »

Short Turns: December 2008

Short Turns – Travel Guide 2009 Issue POLE JOKES It’s pretty tough to find a lift-line around Big White if you have to do some busking for your dinner so Wiegele heli-guide and visiting street entertainer Ron Betts prefers hanging out in front of restaurant exits for scraps. “So far I’ve been able to make … More »

Has the Ski Instructor Lost his Mojo?

Ski instructor 1, by Marcus Cutler

Skiing, that most glamorous of winter pursuits. A delicious frozen cocktail of speed, money and exotic locales. Add one tall, dark stranger to the mix, give it a shake and what are you holding? The perfect ski instructor. That tan. That accent. Those ski pants, tight in all the right spots. You don’t have to … More »